I’ll put on this page several things that I found interesting at some point of my life. A lot of very relevant things are missing, and so do there is a lot of not so relevant things here.


Things for enhancing technical expertise and productivity.



  • Sheldon Brown Gear calculator - An online interactive calculator for knowing the Gain Ratio for different combinations.
  • Ride Far - An online bible about everything that is related to ultra-distance cycling.

Data science

Python techniques

Social change

  • Atlassian Team Playbook - An interactive guide and playbook for diagnosing and make teams perform better in an transparent and change-friendly manner.

  • u.lab - Citing the description: “An introduction to leading profound social, environmental and personal transformation.”


Culture, knowledge and lifestyle

Things for thinking about things, art and life.


History and Social Sciences

  • (books) Peter Turchin books (Ultrassociety, Ages of Discord, War and Peace and War) - Those books have changed completely my worldview. Turchin is an ecologist turned quantitative historian, and he provides an very fresh take on history and social dynamics through an cultural evolution and historical modeling lens.



Data sources

  • GeoSampa - An interactive map (data included) with everything you could imagine when it comes to geospatial info about São Paulo.

  • Hidroweb - To be reviewed
  • Blockchain.com charts - Charts and CSV about bitcoin.


Things that have an significant wow factor. Not necessarily of immediate practical use.

  • Distill.pub - An innovative scientific journal about ground-breaking machine learning topics that has interactive elements. Is it the future of publishing?


I didn’t know where to put the following things.