I’m a data / complex systems developer-researcher from Ariquemes. Currently, I’m located at São Paulo. I’m interested and active in anything that sort of relates to environment, cycling and complex dynamics.

angry urban cyclist
data wuzzy
small big data scientist.


(to be written)


  • Sometimes described as an “Data Hacker” when doing some analysis.
  • Skilled at adquiring hard to obtain data from the web through scraping
  • Regularly gets the rep of being an Python wizard.

Professional Experience

  • Research Engineer at BlockScience (2020-current)
  • Data Scientist at IDwall. (2018-2020)
  • PhD researcher at the the Institute of Physics / Institute of Biomedical Sciences at University of São Paulo. (2018-2021)
  • Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Physics. (2017-2020) 1
  • Undergratuate researcher at the Atmospheric Physics Lab of University of São Paulo. (2016-2018)
  • Full-stack Developer at Laptop Informática. (2014-2017)

Voluntary Experience

  • Co-founder of the hackerspace.IFUSP. (2018)
  • Student’s representative at the University of São Paulo on several instances. (2017-2018) 2
  • Director with roles at the Physics Students Association (2017-2019). 3
  • Master Councilor of the DeMolay Order (2011). 4

Roles: General Secretary (2019), Fiscal Councilor (2018) and Treasurer (2017).


  • PhD on Physics / Bioinformatics - University of São Paulo (2019-2021)
  • BSc on Physics - University of São Paulo (2014-2019)


  • Ipojuca - easy complex system dynamics on Python (2019-current)
  • Lots to fill here.


  • Proud road cyclist on Fuga Cycling Club (2019-current)
  • Brazilian Cyclists Union (UCB), as an member of the Research Working Group (2018-current)
  • Association of São Paulo Urban Cyclists (Ciclocidade), as an member of the Highways Working Group (2019-current)
  • DeMolay member (2007-forever)


  • Likes to contribute randomly to OpenStreetMap, and got an Level 8 Google Maps Local Guide badge.
  • I’m a wiki and collaborative editing enthusiast.
  1. Data analysis techniques on Physics (junior-level undegraduate couse) and Electromagnetism. (senior-level undergraduate course) 

  2. Representative at the Technical-Administrative Council (2018), Physics Congregation (2017-2018), Applied Physics Department (2017-2018). 

  3. Also known as CEFISMA. 

  4. Member of the Luciano de Assis chapter. Master Councilor (2011/1), Treasurer (2011/2), First Councilor (2010/2), Second Councilor (2010/1) and Hospitaler (2009/1).