This is my new website and blogging platform - and it is a lot more anarchic than before!

I always wanted an intuitive, practical and easy to mantain way for me to express and expose whatever I wanted to - from blogging and ranting to complex math words and data exploration notebooks. But I never found an truly convenient, easy and quick way to do so.

After years of trying and failing to write and expose myself more, I think I finally found the technology to express my desires, and the answer is Markdown, GitHub, Jupyter, Jekyll,

I’ll try to sum the technology quickly without regards to precision: Markdown Markdown basic syntax is an extremely convenient form of creating rich-text and HTML documents on an simple text editor. GitHub is an open-source repository which has an personal and/or project website hosting through GitHub Pages and using Jekyll and Markdown to expose the content. Jupyter is an interactive way of programming Python that uses an web GUI and has the possibility of exporting notebooks to Markdown. Jekyll is an simple Markdown static site generator and server. is an free service which syncs an Jekyll website repository to several destinations, incluindo GitHub pages and SFTP locations.

Having said all of that, you can see how Markdown is in the center of everything. It is an language that I was using to create notes and document code for some time now, and is an very efficient way to express yourself quickly without regards to stressing with formatting and styling.

Oh, and for now I’ll start to begin to write in English. Mostly because it is an good excuse for practicing it.