Cycling Bibliography

(This list can change with time)


On this doc, I’ll cite several references for articles, videos, books and others which I think that can give an good knowledge basis about cycling as a whole, from practical techniques to an theoretical systemic overview.

Cycling is an simple and complex subject. It is simple in the the sense that there is an minimal upfront set-up, financially, cognitively and time-wise, for you to do one of the most healthy and empowering forms of exercise and transportation available.

At the same time, it can be an complex subject as there is a lot of embedded knowledge on it, ranging from the physics behind the shifting to the politics and sociology behind bicycle use and prohibition.

Nevertheless, the most beautiful thing of the cycling as an complex matter, knowledge-wise, is that all elements behind it are accessible and gives almost instant practical feedback. There are little previous requirements to understand it, but to understand it is an insightful new tool for systemic analysis over the whole.

Cycling bibles and encyclopedias of knowledge

Even though I’m going to distill the matter of cycling afterwards, most of it are based on some notable ‘encyclopedias’.

English sources

Sheldon Brown’s website - One of the most complete references for everything cycling related. There is plenty of knowlodge ranging from legacy bike mechanics to articles about bike posture on the streets.

Ride Far blog - An website curated for exposing techniques, tips and tricks about ultra-endurance cycling. It has an somewhat linear structure, so it can be an good reading for getting an overall overview of cycling.

GCN Channel - This is an YouTube channel destinated mainly for road cyclists and it has an very-well produced content for almost all aspects and details of cycling that it could be possible. Be aware that the GCN is a sort of cycling-as-sport-centric.

Park Tool Repair Help Articles - The encyclopedia for anything related to bike mechanics, from setup to maintenance.

GMBN Channel - The GCN for Mountain Bikes.

Portuguese sources

Pedaleria - Maybe the best portuguese vlog when it comes to variety and dazzling content, and it is well-produced overall. Nice to watch when you are bored.

Bike é Legal - Another vlog, but this one is more journalistic. There is a lot of news, opinions and reviews here.

Chave Quinze - An vlog mostly about bike mechanics with several videos destinated to bike politics.

Cycling technique

Cycling techniques involves the use of rituals, manners and heuristics to allow you to pedal in an flow state anywhere you go. It can range from basic skills about as how to brake to more subjective and complex ones like reading the traffic and properly occupying the streets.

GCN’s How To Brake Like a Pro

Why Reflectors Don’t Work - An article about what makes you be seen on the road.

Lock Strategy

Can I just have a bit more air in these tyres? - This is about what makes your ideal tyre pressure.

GCN’s How & When to Change you Gears

Bicycling in the Winter

Physiology and fitness

Cycling is an endurance sport with occasional explosive/sprinting moments. Having said that, knowledge and deliberate practice about your physiology and fitness can be determinant for your comfort on the bike, and fundamental for having speed on it.

Bicycling and Pain - An quick reference for what to do if you feel any pain.

GCN’s How to Perform a Basic Fit

Bike Fit Adviser Channel

The Ultimate Guide to Bike Handlebars

Cycling Training Zones - An article describing the cycling physiological effort zones, which is an very useful tool for pacing yourself to avoid exhaustion and being fast at the same time.

Power Profiling - I only put this link there because it contains an chart of the FTP for several classes off cyclists. This can contextualize what are the theoretical limits of the cycling efficiency.

Bicycle mechanics

Knowing the inner-workings of your bike allows you to develop an

Bike, society, economics and politics

Cyclist Inferiority - An article about the cyclist inferiority syndrome, which is the feeling that we should be grateful for cars to cede their roads to us.