What is needed to become an bioinformatics Data Scientist?

This is an page in progress, I’ll update and complete as time follows

On this page, I’ll share an roadmap as for what it does take for getting ready for doing work and science on bioinformatics through the data analysis side of things. Here’s what:

Beginner level


  • Superficial knowledge of the genetics zoo (DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites)
  • Knowledge of the genetics data structure (FASTQ / FASTA)
  • Basic Python knowledge
  • Basic Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib technique

Guides, books and tutorials


  • QIIME2 - This is an widely used toolkit for doing pipeline analysis on sequencing data. Useful for cleaning and preparing data before handing it over to more other more generalist analysts. https://qiime2.org/

Intermediate level